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Huskee Cup - Kickstarter, Cafe Training and Social Videos

Back in 2017, Huskee Cup launched its kickstarter aiming to raise AU$ 20,000. It went on to raise AU$ 113,508. I had the privilege of co-writing, shooting and editing the kickstarter campaign video.

Now in 2019, Huskee Swap has launched. A cafe initiative to speed up the flow of incorporating re-usable cups. I consulted, shot and co-edited the social video, a set of training videos for cafe owners and some testimonials.

Huskee Kickstarter
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50 Unsung Business Heros Vol. 2

50 Unsung Business Heroes features inspiring stories of highly successful Australian business founders, owners and CEOs: from SMEs and family businesses to large ASX-listed corporations.

We were the post-production house for all 50 heroes and filmed a few of them ourselves. This involved handling the profile videos, photography and the audio for podcasts. The hunt has now begun for the next 50 in a new book.

The video to the left is just one of these heroes.

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Partners In Ministry Training series

PIM supports and equips senior pastors to better lead their churches.

Through a combination of green screen training modules, motion graphics, role plays and interviews, we have created four modules as part of a pilot series so far.

We have now been commissioned to create 20 more.

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2. Invite People to Lead.00_00_20_03.Still001.jpg
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 Other notable works:

Script written for Rocket Productions

Script written for Rocket Productions

Script written for Rocket Productions