Kaartdijin Ang Koort: Knowledge of the Heart (2019)

The Nyoongar nation is the largest language group out of all First Australian Nation groups, and yet their language is disappearing. How do you revive a language on the brink of extinction?

The documentary short can be seen

Made in partnership with The Bible Society for the UN’s Year of Indigenous Languages. Release Date - 09/08/19
Director, Cinematographer and Editor.

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Ink Plots (2019) - 4 Episode Web Series

Every tattoo has a tale, lines that trace the story of someone’s life. Made for the upcoming launch of Eternity News’ Youtube channel, the four episodes of this pilot season cover stories of sexual abuse survivors, overcoming family tragedy, the story of a rare Caracal sighting and we even hear from well known pastor/historian and Christian TV presenter John Dickson.

Release Q4 2019

Writer & Director

Grace finger tattoos
John Dickson

Profiles on Indigenous Leaders and Translators in Alice Springs (2018)

Emma and I were commissioned to capture several profiles on Indigenous (and one non-indigenous) leaders working with Bible translation for the The Bible Society’s annual appeal in 2018. It was definitely an eye opening experience to the difficulties indigenous communities face. But it was also inspiring and hope-filled as we heard from the culture changers humbly making a real difference.

Director, Editor, Cinematographer - Alexander Bennett Producer, Interviewer - Emma Bennett

Katrina's Story - Their way, their words

Katrina's Story - Their way, their words

Paul Ekart - Bible Translator

Paul Ekart - Bible Translator

How Yurranydjil become a Wangurri Bible translator

How Yurranydjil become a Wangurri Bible translator